We are excited to announce that we are now feeding all of our Shih Tzu's Life's Abundance Dog Food. We have not come to this decision lightly. We feel that Life's Abundance is the BEST for our adults and pups.

Yes, we are representatives of the company, but after you do your own research, we believe that you will see why we made the switch to Life's Abundance.

First of all, what is in your dog food versus Life's Abundance? Feel free to check out the YouTube link on this page.

Life's Abundance has NEVER had a recall, NEVER uses byproducts, and has a GUARANTEED analysis and PROBIOTICS that provide exactly what our Shih Tzu's need. We have fed everything from Diamond, 4Health, Purina Pro Plan, Taste of the Wild, Royal Canin, as well others over the years, but we are loving our switch to Life's Abundance.

Our puppies love Life's Abundance. They will be eating Life's Abundance when they go to their new forever homes. We will be sending home a sample bag of Life's Abundance with each puppy. We believe that when it comes to the food that we feed our dogs - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Life's Abundance has a wide variety of dry and wet foods, along with a great selection of nutritional and dental treats. You can check out Life's Abundance products and place an order by copying and pasting the link below.

TO VIEW YOUTUBE VIDEO... COPY AND PASTE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=JTjL4VgzyOU&t=122s

TO ORDER - COPY AND PASTE:    lifesabundance.com/patchworkpuppies